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Dave Rhodes is an award winning sound engineer, music producer and drummer.

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Record, mix and master your music to a professional standard.

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Bring your music project to life at Dave’s boutique recording and mixing studio in Whitianga, New Zealand.

Kia ora & Hello!

I’m Dave Rhodes – freelance music producer,  sound engineer, drummer and music production nerd! I’ve dedicated my life to collaborating with musicians to produce epic sounding tracks. 

I own a custom built, professional boutique recording studio in Whitianga, on the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula of New Zealand. Over my 25+ years in the music industry, I’ve collaborated with countless bands and musicians to achieve their creative visions. My clientele are musicians and bands from all genres, but I particularly love recording and mixing emerging and established rock and metal bands.

When you work with me, I promise you’ll walk away with something you love – I don’t stop until you are 100% stoked with your project! 

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My Projects

I’ve recorded and mixed gold and platinum selling albums in New Zealand, been awarded the NZ Music Award for Engineer of the Year (Blindspott), and songs I’ve mixed have been on high rotation on NZ Rock radio for years. Here’s a selection of my favourite projects:

  1. Devilskin - Barracuda Co-produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2024 4:05
  2. Blindspott - Phlex Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2002 4:30
  3. Bleeders - All That Glitters (Waiata Anthems - Te Reo Māori version) Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2023 3:14
  4. Beckoned - Luminous Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2022 4:19
  5. Just One Fix - Gods And Devils Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2023 4:35
  6. grim! - Birthday Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2022 3:22
  7. Head Like A Hole - The End Of Life Recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2017 4:44
  8. Indica - Green Envy Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2023 3:37
  9. Bad Jones - Enough To Burn Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2019 4:38
  10. Hollie Smith - Weather With You Recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2011 3:58
  11. Cold Summers Night Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2023 4:24
  12. The Warratahs - Mt Victoria Rain Recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2015 4:30
  13. Unlucky 13 - R.A.M.O.N.E.S. Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2024 1:24
  14. Sam Bartells - Good Intentions Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2022 3:53
  15. One Man Army (Ecuador) - Sci-Fight Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2023 4:05
  16. Origin Roots Aotearoa - Tuakiritanga Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2021 4:27
  17. Shameless (Germany) - Love Is Blind (feat. Bruce Kulick of KISS) Mixed & mastered by Dave Rhodes, 2022 3:24
  18. Cherry Blind - Cherry Blind Mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2020 3:38
  19. Static Era - Fire Away Produced, recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2013 3:55
  20. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band - These Old Hands Recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2016 4:01
  21. Blindspott - Nil By Mouth Recorded & mixed by Dave Rhodes, 2002 3:37
What people are saying

Artist Recommendations

'An absolute delight to work with, Dave really takes the time to understand the musicians individually, and the band collectively. He works closely with us to achieve our vision and take it to the next level. Nothing escapes his ear! Dave's ability to work with us to turn our ideas, dreams and schemes into vibrant reality is incredible. Devilskin is more than happy to have Dave capture our songs and excitement any time, we absolutely enjoyed our time in his studio and we are extremely proud of the music we have recorded there.'

Paul Martin
Devilskin/Paul Martin

Not only does Dave do an excellent job of making our stuff sound great, he listens to how we want it to sound. He is super chill and fun to work with and VERY patient too. Despite my occasional file handover blunder, Dave was still totally relaxed and helped us to make an Outside In album we are really proud of. 🤘🏼🥴🤘🏼

Michael Brown
Outside In / Mikey Videotape

We worked with Dave on the recording and production of our first single. He was absolutely amazing to work with, and pushed us as musicians to create something far beyond our expectations. His communication as to what we needed to do to get the best recording was top notch, and just all round was an awesome experience. Would 100% recommend working with him again in the future, and we are going back soon to record our second single.

Glen Dalby

Dave Rhodes has the justified reputation of being one of NZ's top music producers. He's in demand nationally and internationally. I've been lucky enough to have Dave record and produce several projects I've worked on - all live instruments - and have another one booked in. Dave knows how to get the right sound, the right detail, the right feel, to serve the artist and song. He's a chilled guy, who creates a comfortable, relaxed environment, and draws from experience and expertise to bring out the best performances and shape strong, vibrant, professional mixes. I can't recommend Dave enough.

Stewart Pedley
Corrosive Moses / Let's Go Descarrego / Solo

From the moment the first note hits your eardrums, it becomes abundantly clear that Dave possesses unrivalled talent. Dave is a master at his craft, a genius, consistently delivering music that captivates and mesmerises. Dave continues to demonstrate why he is at the forefront of music production. I could never trust any other with my mixes.

Dean Taylor-Levey
Unlucky 13

We had the pleasure of recording our debut EP with Dave. He is a remarkable and passionate sound engineer who is insightful and goes above and beyond to deliver your vision. There's industry standard and several levels above that is Dave Rhodes.

Erik Liebenberg
Enter Venus

Dave's passion and talent, combined with his well practised and knowledgeable experience makes him the first choice for any sound recording, engineering or production tasks.  On top of this Dave is able to cater for all budgets and environments, which makes him the most versatile production engineer around! Dave is a specialist at creating an environment that makes you feel comfortable and confident to get the best takes you can when in the studio.  Whatever your next recording project or music genre is, make sure to contact Dave to discuss your budget and recording options.  We did and are very happy with the results!

Michael Shanks

Dave does an amazing job in getting the exact sound we wanted. So easy to work with which makes the whole process really enjoyable and stress free. He has a great ear for music and gives very helpful suggestions, as well as listening to our ideas and working with us to achieve really professional, polished recordings. Would not look anywhere else for any future recordings!

Leith Soutar
Bad Jones

We worked with Dave on our debut recordings, he was very professional and hard working, Dave worked closely with us during the mixing phase and happily made changes until we were 100% happy with our songs, we are very pleased with our final results and look forward to working with Dave again very soon!! Highly recommend!! 

Larn Berge
Lucid Night
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