Hi, I’m Dave. I’m a music producer, sound engineer, and drummer. I’ve been playing and recording music since the ’90s. Keep scrolling to find out more about me and take a listen to some of the bands I’ve recorded over the years.

If you have music you’d like to record give me a bell or flick me an email, i’m always happy to chat about music.

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  1. Blindspott - Phlex Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2002 4:30
  2. Head Like A Hole - The End Of Life Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2017 4:44
  3. Hollie Smith - Weather With You Recorded and mixed by Dave Rhodes 2011 3:58
  4. Enter Venus - Throw It Away Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by Dave Rhodes 2020 3:05
  5. Outside In - OM Mixed and Mastered by Dave Rhodes 2019 5:14
  6. Bad Jones - Soul, No Body Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2020 2:38
  7. The Warratahs - Mt Victoria Rain Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2015 4:30
  8. Ginzu ATSK - Winter Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2019 3:52
  9. Rebecca Nelson - World In Union Vocal production and mix by Dave Rhodes 2019 3:10
  10. Blue Ruin - Woman in Uniform Mixed and Mastered by Dave Rhodes 2020 2:26
  11. Joe's Van - Wanderer Produced, recorded and mixed by Dave Rhodes 2018 3:57
  12. The Rubics - Muthafunky Ride Produced, recorded and mixed by Dave Rhodes 2018 5:07
  13. Dead Beat Boys - New York Produced, recorded and mixed by Dave Rhodes 2017 3:34
  14. Static Era - Fire Away Produced by Dave Rhodes 2013 3:55
  15. Animalhead - The Devil Told Me So Produced by Dave Rhodes 2017 3:26
  16. Sam Kingston - Sunshine Produced by Dave Rhodes 2018 3:20
  17. The Warratahs - Up With The People Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2015 3:44
  18. Hamilton County Bluegrass Band - These Old Hands Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2016 4:01
  19. Blindspott - Nil By Mouth Recorded and Mixed by Dave Rhodes 2002 3:37


  • positive review  We had the pleasure of recording our debut EP with Dave. He is a remarkable and passionate sound engineer who is insightful and goes above and beyond to deliver your vision. There's industry standard and several levels above that is Dave Rhodes.

    Erik Liebenberg Avatar Erik Liebenberg

    positive review  Dave's passion and talent, combined with his well practiced and knowledgeable experience makes him the first choice for any sound recording, engineering or production tasks. On top of this Dave is able to cater for all budgets and environments, which makes him the most versatile production engineer around! Dave is a specialist at creating an environment that makes you feel comfortable and confident to get the best takes you can when in the studio. What ever your next recording project or music genre is, make sure to contact Dave to discuss your budget and recording options. We did we and are very happy with the results! Mike, Guitar @ UNI-FI.

    Michael Shanks Avatar Michael Shanks

    positive review  Absolutely recommend anyone who wants a quality studio recording but also the luxury of having a good guy to work with manning the controls to contact Dave Rhodes Productions. He recorded my band UNI-FI's debut album which is coming out soon and we'll get him to record the next one as well. He's the guy you need.

    Cory Garrett Avatar Cory Garrett
  • positive review  Dave does an amazing job in getting the exact sound we wanted. So easy to work with which makes the whole process really enjoyable and stress free. He has a great ear for music and gives very helpful suggestions, as well as listening to our ideas and working with us to achieve really professional, polished recordings. Would not look anywhere else for any future recordings!

    Leith Soutar Avatar Leith Soutar

    positive review  Not only does Dave do an excellent job of making our stuff sound great, he listens to how we want it to sound. He is super chill and fun to work with and VERY patient too. Despite the occasional file handover blunder, Dave was still totally relaxed and helped us to make an Outside In album we are really proud of. 🤘🏼🥴🤘🏼

    Michael Brown Avatar Michael Brown

    positive review  Patient, professional and easy to work with. Dave makes recording a breeze and a pleasant experience, which isn’t always the case elsewhere!

    Tam Cramer Avatar Tam Cramer
  • positive review  Absolutely one of the best and most humble engineers and producers you could ever work with. Dave understands your vision and helps you bring it to life. Highly recommended.

    Ben Ruegg Avatar Ben Ruegg

    positive review  Awesome engineer, always very easy to work with. Highly recommend

    Andrew Shaw Avatar Andrew Shaw

    positive review  "great ears, attentive & patient" .... good onya Dave, all the best for your move to the Coromandel

    Dave Maybee Avatar Dave Maybee
  • positive review  We recorded the latest HCBB album with Dave as Engineer at Depot Sound, with Jeremy Trenwith working closely with him as Producer, and these two did us proud. Great to see his new venture (adventure?).

    Paul Trenwith Avatar Paul Trenwith

    positive review  Brilliant engineer and producer. Highly recommend Dave 👌

    Tim Ian Northover Avatar Tim Ian Northover

    positive review  Dave is an excellent engineer. a pleasure to work with. Very professional and helps musicians gets the best possible performance on your tracks. Reliable turns up in time and knows what works in a studio.

    Grant Marshall Avatar Grant Marshall


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